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I have known Jim now for almost 20 years.  To say he has been an incredible influence on my career would be an understatement.  From my first voice lesson with him until today, he has and continues to hone my vocal skills and technique.  His expansive and impressive knowledge of musical theatre has given ME the knowledge, appreciation and love for this genre that is absolutely necessary to succeed in this business.  I came in as an inexperienced and quite unknowledgeable young performer.  He helped me understand what songs and styles fit well in my voice.  He helped me build a repertoire of songs for me to audition with and introduced me to songs and songwriters that I've grown to love and whose songs I now sing regularly, be it in auditions or concerts.  His piano playing and sight reading skills have been a blessing to me as he regularly helps me learn and rehearse audition music and songs for my upcoming concerts.  I can truly say I would not have had the experiences I've had and would not be where I am today in my career were it not for the fact that I met Jim.  A great man, a great teacher and a great friend.

-Ryan Silverman
(currently playing Billy Flynn on Broadway in Chicago)

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